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How might an anarcho-capitalist society be achieved?

by Hogeye Bill

There is no consensus among anarcho-capitalists how a free society might be achieved. Everyone agrees that educating other people is useful. Beyond that, there are many strategies. There are Gulchers (named after the fictional "Galt's Gulch" in Ayn Rand's book "Atlas Shrugged") such as the Laissez Faire City bunch, who see little or no chance in changing an entrenched welfare-warfare State. These "retreatists" propose to set up isolated communities away from statist authority.

PTs (permanent tourists, perpetual travellers, prior tax-payers) try to maintain tourist status in all States they traverse, paying no taxes and keeping wealth effectively beyond the reach of grasping States. A sophisticated PT uses the "four flag" strategy: he'll use a passport from a different State than the one which claims him as subject, keep his wealth in a third State, and, when not traveling, reside in a fourth State.

At the other extreme, some anarcho-capitalists are active in electoral politics despite the traditional anarchist aversion to such means. Most anarcho-capitalists choose to "tend their own garden," preferring to set up voluntary alternatives to State agencies and functions. Home schooling, for example, is strongly advocated, as are neighbourhood mediation associations, and participation in organisations such as Habitat for Humanity. Many anarcho-capitalists use private currencies such as Liberty Dollars, or anonymous digital currencies such as e-gold.

Virtually all anarcho-capitalists see the transition to a free society to be evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Some see little to do about proximate politics, and simply wait for the inevitable decline of statism while trying to "stay beneath the radar" of government. Anarcho-capitalists are, of course, ardent supporters of tax resistance. Many strive to support "counter-economic" activity, i.e. the illegal ("black") market, which they see as the only truly free market. (Agorism.) Many achieve an "off the books" income where no tribute is paid to the State. Thus, information about guerrilla capitalism, such as not leaving paper trails, not using traceable money, private mail drops, anonymous bank accounts and debit cards, etc. are of vital interest to these anarcho-capitalists.

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