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What will a stateless society look like?

by Center For A Stateless Society

Broadly, we envision a world without privilege, exploitation, or domination. A world without institutionalised coercion, slaughter and injustice. In short, Liberty.

The specifics of how a society without centralised political authority will look are far more difficult to predict. One of the major arguments for freedom in the classical liberal tradition was originally put forward by F.A. Hayek in what has become known as “the knowledge problem.” No single individual or group of individuals has all the economic information necessary to centrally plan an economic system. To work most effectively, an economy requires a decentralised approach — specifically, individuals making decisions for themselves and exchanging voluntarily for mutual gain, which results in the price system.

Since Market Anarchists recognise that consensual institutions will inevitably be shaped by market forces, we can say that Hayek’s knowledge problem will, in a stateless society, even impact “governance” in the sense of how enterprises provide dispute resolution and security services. We can’t predict the details of how free people will choose to organise provision of these services. We can only say that they are free if the methods of social organisation are consensual among all individuals involved. The forms of such organisation would be an open-ended matter, subject to free experimentation and resulting diversity.

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