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How do I use freeblr?

freeblr is divided into sixteen units, each covering a subject that logically follows from the previous one. To make the most of freeblr, the best way to progress is to follow the units in order from the first to the last and as such, each unit is numbered. The order of units is as follows:

  1. Human Nature
  2. Government
  3. Market
  4. Ethics
  5. Religion
  6. Justice
  7. Taxation
  8. Environment
  9. Borders
  10. War
  11. Money
  12. Education
  13. Health
  14. Family
  15. Economics
  16. Limited Government

To assist in comprehension of the information contained in each unit, there is a review section which provides instant feedback to responses to the questions. Additionally, there is also a comprehensive list of text and video resources attached to each unit that can aid in furthering understanding of the subject in question or respond to any lingering questions or concerns.

When all the units have been completed it might be worth viewing the list of frequently asked questions, particularly the last section, as this will assist in developing a greater understanding of freedom.

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