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What is freeblr?

freeblr is an online resource that was designed and developed by Anaarkei that does essentially what the slogan says; it is invested in “enabling individuals in their pursuit of freedom.” The slogan is also the meaning of the word itself, however the origins of the word can be found in the freedom–oriented Tumblr community. The concept and base content for freeblr has been derived with permission from TOLFA, The On–Line Freedom Academy, then built upon and improved.

People can use freeblr to discover the various aspects of freedom as it applies to the real world, both present and future. For ease of use, freeblr is divided into sixteen units, each of which tackle different subjects in a logical progression, one following the other. Each unit is numbered for convenience and contains general information about the particular subject, a short interactive review segment where people can get instant feedback to their responses to the questions, and a comprehensive list of resources related to the subject that can be perused for more detailed information.

freeblr also has a section devoted to frequently asked questions, itself divided into areas of interest such as politics and economics. Several of these questions relate to spekr, the political spectrum quiz, which was developed to work alongside freeblr as a companion tool.

Ultimately, the goal of freeblr is to spread the philosophy of liberty, which in turn will spur the changes necessary to bring about more freedom in the lives of as many individuals as possible.

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