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What is spekr?

spekr is a political quiz that was designed and developed by Anaarkei as a tool for discovering where one stands on the political spectrum. While there are many online quizes that claim to be able to map people politically, none are as well designed or thorough.

Another point of difference from other political quizes is that spekr aims to be unambiguous and unbiased. One of the ways it does this is by ensuring that the scoring is equally balanced and transparent. As one responds to each statement they are provided with real-time feedback, with the chart changing as they progress.

The chart itself is divided into quadrants like other quizes, using the same dichotomy of libertarian and authoritarian of both economic and cultural types. Within these quadrants there are a wide gamut of possible results, or speks, which one can attain upon completion of the quiz.

Political Spectrum Quiz Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions