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by Anaarkei

Money is the quantification of the subjective value of property and labour, a reward for one’s use of time, effort, and talents. If property is the result of one’s labour, money is a therefore a form of property. Like other forms of property, it is a store of value.

Money also has transitional properties. It is primarily utilised in trade, acting as the medium of exchange for goods and services. One can in effect sell their labour to others by working for a wage, thereby eliminating the risk involved in finding buyers for the results of their labour. In a free market, money can be a signal to others of one’s productivity, willingness to take risk, or frugality.

In a government-controlled market, money is more likely to be a signal to others of one’s ability to manipulate the system to their own advantage and to the detriment of others. When one argues against such greed they should not be so quick to blame money but instead focus their attention on the cause of the problem rather than the effect. One would then conclude that government is the problem and a return to a free market is the solution.

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