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Why I am no longer a Christian

by Evid3nc3

In this video series, YouTuber Evid3nc3 explains how he went from being a theistic born-again Christian, the process of his deconversion, and his arrival at atheism.

In the section on deconversion, he reveals evidence, reason, and his own experiences and their connection to prayer, morality, deconverted Christians, the Bible, and his own relationship with God. This all lead to his eventual inability to believe anymore.

The section on atheism looks at the varying definitions of atheism, the idea of a non-theistic God, and the positions of various scholars in the field. He also examines the history of God and looks at how Judaism and Christianity are religions that have been constructed for political reasons through the editing and revision of scripture. The section finishes with a look at evidentialism and which beliefs people are justified in having.

Unfortunately the series is unfinished, and although Evid3nc3 has expressed a desire to continue, time and monetary constraints have put the series on hold for the moment.

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